Xiaomi products that will make your home smart


The practice of technology is to transform our homes into smart homes through home automation. We recently saw this with the launch of Google Home and Amazon Alexa. But the fact is that the Xiaomi company has been responsible for making technology a basic part of our homes for a long time. That’s why we’ll talk about Xiaomi’s best home automation products. We warn you that you will love them all!

Xiaomi products that will make your home smart

Dymatize your home with Xiaomi products

The main characteristics of Xiaomi’s products are their elegant design and affordable prices, the company wants the technology to be accessible to everyone, or almost everyone, and this is reflected in its prices. Here is a list of Xiaomi products to get a smart home, some of them can be found in Spain, but others have not yet been marketed here, although you can find them for sale on some specific websites.

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

This kit contains a series of devices that allow us to connect to make our home a smart home. To use this kit you will need to connect some of the devices to the current, have the Mi Home app installed, and have a WiFi network where you can connect all the devices.

In this kit, you will find a central device that is responsible for coordinating the other devices. A human movement sensor that is responsible for turning off different devices when there is no presence in the rooms, a sensor for opening doors and sales, as well as a socket with Wi-Fi to time appliances. It also includes a kind of button to control the alarm clock, the alarm… It is a home automation kit that will provide security and

Yeelight LED Light Bulb

XiaomiIt is a smart bulb with a wireless connection. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to program, turn off, turn on and change color through a smartphone. This device is also controlled through the Mi Home app. The bulb has a useful life of about 11 years, 7 watts, and 600 lumens.

Xiaomi Bedside Lamp

This smart lamp is designed to be placed on the bedside table and allows the change of 16 million colors. Will you be able to choose just one? Through the app, you can control its on and off programming, colors, and brightness.

My Home Security Camera

Do you need to protect your home or business? Xiaomi makes it easy! For about € 40 you can have a security camera with 360ºC panoramic detection and no dead spots. The characteristic of this camera that makes your home a  smart home is that it can be controlled from the smartphone, allowing its programming and customization.

My Electric Toothbrush

XiaomiHome automation also reaches the field of personal care. Do you know smart toothbrushes? Via Bluetooth, the Xiaomi toothbrush sends information to your phone about your oral cleaning habits.

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