Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker, Do You Know The Xiaomi Smart Speaker?

Home automation is the order of the day, large companies have set themselves the goal of getting fully into our homes to try to make them smart. The best-known device so far is Google Home, but the Chinese technology company par excellence could not be left out of the game. And to play the game, he has the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker, the smart speaker that aims to challenge Google. Who will win the match? We still cannot know that. However, we are going to tell you everything we know about Xiaomi Mi AI SpeakerXiaomi’s smart speaker.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker, Do You Know The Xiaomi Smart Speaker?

How is the Xiaomi Mi AI, Speaker?

As we have mentioned, within home automationGoogle Home and Amazon Echo are joined by Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker. But what is it exactly? It is a product with a careful design, like all of the brands, white in color and rounded corners. Pleasant to look at, and it must be that way if it is to be an element in our home.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Mini, the brother of Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker

It is the mini format of the Xiaomi smart speaker. With a small size, inside it has a virtual assistant, which at the moment also only speaks in Chinese. What is most striking is its price, half that of its older brother. The price of the Xiaomi Mi Speaker Mini is about 20$, and they promise that with it we have access to songs and we can control the smart devices in our home. However, it is believed that this mini format will not reach Spain.

Where can you buy and how much is the Xiaomi AI Speaker worth?

The price of this Xiaomi smart device is astonishing, and it only costs about 40$ to change. The reason? As we have said, this smart speaker is still half done, and until it has a good voice assistant we do not think that its price will dare to increase much. So is it worth buying? For those fans of the brand, for 40$ you can try the Xiaomi product, it is not a bad price if you want to enjoy the firsts before anyone else. However, if you are looking for a smart home assistant, we recommend that you opt for other more complete options for now.

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