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Have you been asked for an avatar and you don’t know what exactly it is or what you have to do ? Avatars are very common in video games , especially in role-playing games, but if you have never played one it is possible that this term gamer does not sound like anything to you. Therefore, we have decided to explain the concept of avatar and its meaning with this article.

What Is An Avatar Game

What is an avatar?

When we play a video game through an online platform or participate in a social network or forum, we need a graphic representation associated with our profile in order to be identified . This is what is known as an avatar, a photograph or a drawing that visually represents us on these types of platforms.

The type of avatar will depend on our preferences or the options offered by the video game , the social network or the forum, since there will be times when we can freely choose our avtar while in others we will have to choose between a series of closed options. This would be the case of some video games like the Sims, where the avatar is a person ; u Habbo Hotel whose avatars are animated characters. And then we find platforms like Microsoft’s Xbox Live that allow us to generate a three-dimensional representation of ourselves .

The concept of avatar became popular as a result of the so-called role-playing games where the players are in turn the character of the video game, so that each player plays a role or a role that needs to have a graphic image within the video game, the known as avatar.

Currently there are avtars of almost everything, in addition, the creators of avatars are also very popular , which allow you to create images for social networks, video games or forums.