What is Amazon Assistant and how does it work?


If there is something that we all want, it is to get bargains on the Internet. Surely you know pages that are dedicated to advising of bargains, that you have friends who have obtained super offers… How do they do it? How do they get the best out of online shopping? Well, with the right tools!

Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant helps you find the best deals

Amazon has launched its own price comparison tool. Through a simple installation of a Google Chrome extension, Amazon Assistant saves you time and money wherever you shop. It allows you to shop, compare prices and save thanks to its 30-day price tracker. But not only that!

The features of Amazon Assistant are as follows:

  • Product price tracking.
  • Discovery and personalized recommendations.
  • Order update.
  • New daily deals.
  • Comparison shopping, with price, ratings, and opinions.
  • Universal wish list.

The Amazon Assistant extension allows you to save products from any website to your Amazon wish list or records.

Ultimately, Amazon Assistant helps you make better decisions when shopping online. To install it, you just have to have Google Chrome and an Amazon account and you can start enjoying all its advantages. Being in the product window, by clicking on the extension icon you will be able to see the information about the product and its 30-day price tracker. Apart from this, in the menu, you can access the order section, daily offers, and wish lists.

Amazon Assistant, the best tool for Prime Day

As you well know, one of the keys to getting the most out of Amazon Prime Day is monitoring and controlling product price fluctuations. Apart from having the offers at hand in your app or any other device. That is why Amazon Assistant becomes an essential tool to be able to get the best Amazon bargains.

In addition, as we have said, in this same tool you will also find the information about orders and the wish list.