TubeBuddy – Best Tool For YouTube Growth


Are you tired of growing your Youtube channel without success?

YouTube is the second-largest Search engine in the world after Google and it comes as no surprise about the amount of competition one has to beat to get their channel to the top of the YouTube algorithm is super hard.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that helps you to grow your YouTube channel with the help of various features it offers.

You can speed up your growth with the help of the TubeBuddy browser extension.

Tubebuddy provides various features like keyword research tools, taglist, quick video publishing features, and a lot more ( we will discuss it later in this post.)

With all its helpful features Tubebuddy is the best tool for your YouTube channel growth and success.

Use of TubeBuddy For YouTube

Tubebuddy is simply a browser extension or plugin that provides a layer of features to your YouTube browser that you can use to exponentially grow your YouTube account.

It connects directly to your dashboard and upgrades it, once you install and log in. Many people have questions regarding TubeBuddy safety.

Is TubeBuddy safe ?

Absolutely !

It is certified by Youtube itself.

TubeBuddy doesn’t steal or delete any content from you. It is a safe and reliable tool to progress as a Youtube content creator.

TubeBuddy is around for more than 10 years now and it has helped numerous top content creators to reach their peak and attain a successful career through Youtube.

All the transmissions made over Tubebuddy are done through HTTP protocol and all the information remains private and secure.

All the channels within TubeBuddy are linked through Google’s OAuth 2.0 and can be revoked by the creator anytime he wants.

TubeBuddy uses Braintree Payments for secured transactions and credit payments.

You Can use it for free in the beginning and after you find it helpful then update to the paid version.

How TubeBuddy helps in the growth of the Youtube Channel.

Youtube themselves has set some criteria as to how to find relevant videos to show to their users.They match the user’s demand with the help of title, tags, description, and video content to find the most suitable video content to show to their viewers.

And TubeBuddy has amazing features to help the creators identify the best title, tags, descriptions according to the videos they create.It also shows you the rankings of the different content, difficulty, and number of searches for the keyword you want to rank for.

It has a Thumbnail generator, Seo Analyzer, and various tools to help you manage the bulk of your content easily and without irritation. Features it offers not only help you rank better but also speed up your video creation.

You can create videos quickly and efficiently with its features that we discussed below. With so many productivity and bulk manager features, it is highly effective in reducing the time and efforts required to create amazing content for viewers.

Features of TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy has got the right tools for your Youtube Success.

We will check in detail all the features here. You can also go to TubeBuddy’s feature to look for every little detail and how to use TubeBuddy’s tools to maximize your productivity and competence on Youtube.

  • 3. VIDEO SEO

Here are some important features of these tools to give you an idea of how you can benefit from them.

1.   Productivity

  • Comment Spotlight

To easily find new subscribers and Patreon supporters.

  • End Screen Templates

Create an end screen template and apply it to all of the new videos that you upload. Will save you from repeatedly making efforts for each new video.

  • Playlist Actions

Advanced ordering of the videos within a playlist. As per your need optimize your playlists in different ways.

  • Quick Links Menu

Quick-Edit Toolbar

Quick access between videos you want to edit. It is hectic to move through your videos when editing but TubeBuddy provides an easy quick edit option.

Scheduled Publish


Schedule the publish time and date of your video. You can use this option to provide early access to your video Patrons or add a video to a certain playlist in the future.

  • Thumbnail Generator

No need for photoshop. All the time you spent on creating a thumbnail can be put to some other productive tasks. It has an inframe thumbnail generator that can be optimized with text overlays.

  • Upload Checklist

To complete all the important steps before uploading a video. This helps to keep in my mind all the necessary tasks of uploading the final video to Youtube.

2. Bulk Processing

Bulk Copy Cards

Cards help to manage your brand and it is extremely important to place them right in every video. TubeBuddy lets you copy cards on your videos quickly without any hard effort.

  • Bulk Copy End Screen

Again adding End screens one by one in all your videos is hectic. With TubeBuddy it gets all easy and smooth.

  • Bulk Find, Replace & Append.

If you want to remove links of any site you were promoting or add any new text in all your title descriptions then you certainly can’t go about it without TubeBuddy if you have lots of videos on your channel.

  • Bulk Thumbnail Overlays

Suppose you want to add an image to videos of a certain playlist or run a promotion adding a sponsor logo for a limited time. All this can be easily done by Bulk Thumbnail Overlays.

  • Demonetization Double-Check

If you want to check anything related to monetization like old videos or submit videos for a review then this feature is very helpful.

3. Video SEO

  • Auto Translator

Translates your title and description into other global languages.

It helps you to reach the global market of Youtube and to build more familiarity with native language speakers.

  • Best Practice Audit

It helps to set up your video according to Youtube’s recommendations. There have to be no broken links or some important phrases to add to your title or tags.

  • Insta-Suggest

Real-time tag suggestions so that you can get helpful hints on trending topics and match content people are looking for. 

  • Keyword Explorer

Trending tags and long-term keywords to keep you top of the search ranking. Also gives long-term keywords to target specific audiences.

  • Opportunity Finder

With the help of video analytics and a performance analyzer, you can easily get more information regarding what’s working for you and whatnot.

It will help you expand your viewers and subscribers in relatively less time than if you had done your research on your own.

  • SEO Studio

Optimize your content for titles, tags, and decryption for specific keywords.

  • Search Explorer

It shows search terms based on volume and difficulty. Helps you to get more views by analyzing competition and ranking.

  • Search Positions

You can see for which keyword terms your video ranks and its current positions on ranking.

  • Search Rank Tracking

Tracks your and your competitors’ content. Also how your Channel is ranking on Youtube and also in Google.

  • Tag Lists

Store tags for later use. Easy access to tags for your niche.

  • Tag Rankings

Shows where your video ranks on the search results in the tag.

4. Production Tools

  • Best Time to Publish

Helps you easily identify the best time to upload your video.

It gives the time of highest activity by your user and helps to drives up your initial engagement.

  • Milestones

Share your milestone that you have completed on your journey on youtube. This is great for motivation and showing your friends your achievements.

  • Pick a Winner

If you run a contest and need to pick a user through comments then this tool is beneficial.

  • Promotion Materials

If you want to promote your channel or embed a video on your blogs this feature does all the hard work for you.

Data & Research Tool

  • Brand Alerts

Shares where Your audio is discussed or talked about.

Channel Backup


Lets you backup all your metadata to give you peace of mind.

  • Channel Valuation

Learn about your channel’s worth and how much to charge to different brands as per your channel value.

  • Channelytics

Compare your channel’s data with other channels and find out how you fare against them.

  • Click Magnet

Identify high-performance videos and which video has better CTR to create a better title for your next videos.

  • Comment Word Cloud

Get new ideas about your content. What people are discussing about your channel and so forth. Get a sense of how your video served and what people think about it.

  • Competitor Upload Alerts

Get notified when competitors upload a video.

  • Demonetization Audit

Make sure you are making the most money possible through your channel. This tool will help you identify any words or phrases that could potentially cause demonization.

  • Export Comments

Helps you identify top influencers active on your channel also to search for particular words.

Health Report


Gives analytics based on demographic, search traffic, and related videos. Helps you to improve your channel based on data and insights.

  • Retention Analyzer

Helps to identify what is making viewers leave your channel. Test videos for what works best to engage people on the channel.

  • Search Insights

Insights about videos and channels for likes, dislikes, subscribers, and other analytic.

  • Videolytics

Gets data on what is trending and videos associated with your niche.

These were some of the important features that TubeBuddy offers along with many others that you will come across after using it.

What Browsers does TubeBuddy support?

TubeBuddy is officially supported by Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

TubeBuddy Pricing

TubeBuddy has three different pricing options depending on the requirement of creators.

  • Pro

In this price range, you get the features like :

  • Productivity tools
  • Thumbnail generator
  • Tags and
  • Keyword research.

Price – $7.20 / month

If you have less than 1000 subscribers then you get a 50% discount on this price.

For beginner creators, this back is best as it is affordable as well as gives good features if you don’t have to manage a bulk of videos yet.

  • Star

This is the most popular package of TubeBuddy because with all the features of PRO-level it delivers features like :

  • Bulk Processing
  • Monetization tools
  • Advanced scheduling and
  • End screen Templates

Price – $15.20 / month

This pack offers almost all the vital features for running a successful Youtube channel.

It gives you quick and advanced tools to maximize your channel growth.

  • Legend

Along with all the Star tools it also offers :

  • Video A/B testing
  • Competition analyzer
  • Retention analyzer

Price – $39.20 / month

It leaves nothing out of the box to serve your goal of becoming a Youtube legend. It helps to create awesome content and get the best results for it.

Is TubeBuddy Worth Using?

In one word YES!

I cannot emphasize more as to how much Youtube Creators love this Tool. Many top Youtube creators have grown massively using TubeBuddy.

Without Tubebuddy you may fail in the competition of millions with no one to rescue you.

What TubeBuddy offers is reliability and guidance with its features.

It’s like having a trustful and easily managed tool to speed up your work along with better efficiency.

It will help you to understand Youtube SEO easily. You will be able to find out what contents work best for you and whatnot.

TubeBuddy is the ultimate tool for smashing Youtube algorithms and ranking on top.

Youtube has helped many creators with their old dying Youtube channels.

With its amazing features, one is guaranteed to progress in Youtube content creation and shoot up in the ranking.

Affiliate Program Of TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy has an awesome affiliate marketing campaign.

If someone uses your affiliate link to buy TubeBuddy, you get 50% of the monthly commission every time they renew it.

You can create an email campaign, a blog post like this one, or a youtube video to teach people how TubeBuddy can help them.

Also, you can get a free star or legend subscription even if the person you refer to, only uses a free version of TubeBuddy.

It is an excellent way to earn some extra cash and enjoy the benefits of these amazing features as well.

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