This is what you should do if your mobile screen has broken


The screen is one of the elements of the smartphone that generally suffers the most. This is because it is very sensitive since it is very exposed to daily contact. One of the main problems with phone screens is that they usually explode with a small impact.

It happens to all of us sometime in life, sooner or later, and the reaction is always usually to get a tremendous scare. That is why we are going to tell you what to do if the screen of your phone breaks. Take note!

How to fix the broken screen?

What to do if the phone screen breaks?

We have been wondering what to do if the phone screen breaks, because it is not clear if it is worth repairing a broken screen or it is better to buy a new model. This test works when the phone is already old or has a lot of adjustments, but it will also depend heavily on the smartphone model available.

Sometimes, depending on the phone age, it is more beneficial to think about replacing the phone than replacing the screen, because in a short time some things will start to fail, such as the battery. Depending on the model and product, changing the screen can be even more profitable, because in some models such as new AMOLEDs, repairing a broken screen usually costs more than 40% of the original price of the phone, which does not make it easy.

Next, we will analyze what to do when faced with a broken phone screen, what steps we should take and how different options should be evaluated according to the needs and characteristics of each.

Where to fix the broken screen?

If the device is of recent acquisition, a good option is to take it to the official technical service, although it may be the most expensive. These centers usually offer guarantees and insurance that help keep the phone safe and sound for a few years, since the workforce is specialized and the materials are of the best quality.

If the phone is older, you can always go to unofficial centers, where you will also find the appropriate material and labor to solve the problem.

How to fix the broken screen?
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How to fix the broken screen? Shuffling between original and alternative options

One of the points to consider, as already mentioned in the previous section, is whether the materials to be changed, in this case the screen, are original or, failing that, they are “white label”.

Choosing one or the other option has a series of pros and cons, among which are: the quality, the cost of repair, and the durability of the screen without the possibility of guarantees in the case of “white label” or with guarantees if opt for the official one.

Repair or replace a broken phone screen

As mentioned above, there are two chances when the smartphone screen is broken. And that can be fixed, that is, it can replace the exploded screen, or directly change the phone.

Both of these options should be considered, because in most cases it will depend on the individual budget and the price of the repair, because there are products where the cost of repairing about half of the cell phone is made.

Keep in mind that if you change the screen at a much cheaper price, it will always be more profitable than changing the phone. There is an online tutorial that shows you how to change the screen step by step of the phone. But if we do not have the experience or at least someone to advise us, the risk of breaking a cable, a communication clip or a standard, of leaving a malfunctioning mobile phone is something we should consider throughout the process.

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