The best tips to improve in PUBG


If we have been playing PUBG for a long time and we have the impression that we have reached a ceiling that prevents us from moving forward, it is possible that we are not squeezing all the tricks and techniques that the video game offers us to improve.

The best tips to improve in PUBG

The truth is that PUBG hides many more secrets than it appears, and although we already know in detail every corner of Sanhok, it is very likely that there are still some gaps to be polished.

The 4 best tips that will make you win PUBG games

As suggested by more experienced players in this game, there are a number of elements that we may be overlooking and that, to some extent, are hindering our progress. We are going to analyze in detail the aspects that we must take into account to achieve the desired “ Chicken Dinner ”.

1. It is essential to learn to kill your enemies

There are two types of players: those who think they are playing a Deathmatch and run non-stop from one side to the other; and those who are convinced that PUBG is exclusively a survival game and spend long hours hiding from the enemy.

The truth is that neither of these two strategies will make you improve. If you have the desire to play a non-stop shooting game, or just want to improve your aim, PUBG’s war mode is likely to suit you. On the other hand, if you just strive to survive, you may make it to the Top 10 but fail to finish.

That is why it is important to find the middle ground. We must not stop practicing, but neither should we expose ourselves too much in order to earn a few extra kills. The one who has killed the most does not win here, but neither does he win without killing anyone. The one who knows how to choose the confrontations is usually the king of the mountain.

2. Get used to always being alert

Another common flaw that few strive to correct is the ability to enter any room assuming there is going to be someone lurking around the corner. Even if we have the feeling that a place has not already been reviewed by another player or team, it is a good habit to look as if there will be someone. Otherwise, bad habits can be generated that at the moment of truth, will always take their toll on us.

3. Learn to use your entire equipment

The number of players who only use the primary weapon and, at most, the secondary weapon, is uncountable. But one of the things that differentiate an expert player from a novice is the ability to use other pieces of weaponry:

Beginner’s Guide to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

  • Use stimulants on a regular basis, especially when you get to the last circles. Stimulants are enjoyed over time, but it is unlikely that in the middle of a battle you will start using them. Not only do they give you extra speed, but you will have an additional health regeneration that could save you.
  • Learn to strategically use smoke bombs. If you have to run in the open field, with them you can create an artificial wall. Most likely, at some point, you have to run into the open field and they are your hope of salvation.
  • You also have to manage the blast times of explosive bombs well. A bomb that explodes just when reaching the target can assure you an enemy’s death.

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4. If you are in a disadvantageous position, run away

It is not necessary to win every fight in PUBG. The funny thing about PUBG is that everyone chooses their fights. Knowing how to discern between which are decisive and which are accessories, that is, those that will not contribute anything important. For example, if we have good equipment it is unlikely that we will improve it, it does not make sense to start a shootout.

Remember that you are not alone and that when shooting automatically many players will focus their attention on you. Even if you emerge victorious with an accurate sniper shot, chances are a silent player will arrive and kill you from behind.

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