The Best Accessories for a Gaming PC

Are you a true PC gamer? Before answering the question, we suggest you look at all the gamer accessories that you have around you. Depending on what you have, the answer will be yes or no, regardless of the hours you spend playing in front of the computer. And if you answered no, you can’t miss out on the accessories that any gaming PC should have if you don’t want to be out of date compared to your peers and rivals, the best way to improve in the world of video games.

The Best Accessories for a Gaming PC

The basics: Screen, Mouse, and Keyboard

It is clear that we need a good screen to get the most out of games. It shouldn’t be too small, but it shouldn’t be too big either if you don’t want to miss out on some of the action. That is why the most popular screens range between 21 and 27 inches. A larger one will make us live a more immersive experience, but you will lose details. The resolution should be 1080p -although there are already games that support 4k-, and try to choose a monitor with the highest possible refresh rate for better control of movements.

If you don’t use controllers, the keyboard and mouse are essential tools to destroy. But not just any keyboard is worth it, it is important to choose a customizable keyboard, and the higher the level of customization that it offers us, the better. There are keyboards that allow the user to customize up to six keys with three possible combinations, a total of 18 different actions that will improve your gaming experience without having to contort with your fingers.

Something more complex is the choice of the mouse. Luckily we have mice of all kinds for the most varied games, but you must choose the mouse that best suits your favorite game. Here we must assess issues such as whether we can customize the buttons, create game profiles to adapt the buttons to each other, and the points per inch that will offer us greater or less sensitivity or weight. What you should not have any doubt about is choosing a wired mouse – the same as the keyboard – even though wireless ones may seem more comfortable.

Headphones and Chairs to make a difference

The Best Accessories for a Gaming PC

Once the basic issues are solved, we go with the elements that will make a difference, starting with the headphones. As comfortable as a wireless headset may seem, it will never be as precise and instantaneous as a good gaming-specific wired headset, which unlike conventional headsets includes a microphone that facilitates cooperative play. In addition, the specific ones allow us a better sound quality, focused specifically on the game.

Finally, we will look at the chairs. Just as important as having good equipment is having a comfortable, ergonomic chair that prevents the onset of fatigue and muscle problems after hours and hours of sitting in front of the screen. In fact, the chair is an element that is as important as it is ignored by some gamers who prefer to invest more in other perhaps secondary aspects. If you’re a casual gamer it doesn’t matter much, but true gamers know how crucial it is to have a comfortable chair.

With these accessories, you will have everything a gamer needs to get the most out of their experiences in front of the computer. From here we can add other accessories for gamers, without forgetting the importance of having a good computer, laptop, or desktop, that allows us to enjoy our favorite video games and take our gaming experience one step further. Luckily, you don’t need a big budget to complete this experience.

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