Remove annoying Netflix ads


Netflix fans, the first apples arrive in paradise. Watching series and movies without limits might seem like a sin. And that’s why the first negative points of the streaming service begin. Advertising appears for the first time when we are browsing the application. A situation that will undoubtedly annoy many users, as it is not a free service, but a paid subscription service. Therefore, advertising to pay does not make much sense, since the financing of the platform is made by the monthly payments of the Netflix streaming users. However, it is possible to disable Netflix advertising and we will tell you about it below.

Remove annoying Netflix ads

The first steps to disable Netflix advertising

Netflix is ​​testing to insert ads between chapter and chapter. The streaming platform has decided to risk and place small pills in the form of trailers of its own production series between the reproduction of one episode and the next (yes, it is impossible to see only one episode on Netflix). Perhaps it is a fact that we would not be bothered if we saw only a couple of episodes, but if we decide to watch a whole season during a day it can become really annoying. At the moment it is an unconfirmed test to stay forever. Netflix offers you the ability to disable these tests.

Eliminate advertising from our computer

We must open the browser, access the Netflix website, and log in to enter with our personal username. Next, we will press the avatar of our user (located at the top right) and we will access, in the web menu, the Account section. We will select the Settings option and click on Participation in tests, near the Parental Control option. And in that section, we will deactivate the option Include me in tests and advances. In this way, we will stop viewing Netflix advertising.

Eliminate temporary testing from our mobile

To eliminate Netflix advertising, we must follow different steps on mobile than on the computer. When we have accessed the streaming service application we will press the More button located under the right. Next, we must access the Account section. When selecting that point we will be taken to the browser and we will have to repeat the operation carried out from our computer. That is, go to Participation in tests and select the deactivated option when we are instructed to include me in tests and advances.

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