Recently Launched Apps Of 2021


So today, guys we will talk about 3 recently launched apps of Android phones as you know there are many apps available on play store and all these apps has a unique style of operating, so today I will tell you the 3 most interesting recently launched apps that will help or support you. We have to use many apps like social media apps, photo editing apps, music apps, video apps etc.

Recently Launched Apps Of 2021

There are many social media apps are available and we use it daily as you know that this is a advanced technology world and daily new new social media apps or many other apps are launched, so in that case we have not a Idea which app is good or not so if you read this article please read the full article, because today I will telling you a very interesting details about recently launching apps.

Detail of recent launch app

So now I will tell you the full details about the recently launched apps and hope that you read this article fully and after completion of reading you go to the Play Store and download these apps and try to operate these apps.

Zanti Android app

This is a very amazing app in this app you can check your wireless connection whether your connection is intruders or not this app test your wireless connection and check the possible vulnerabilities in your wireless connection. This app works on Wi-Fi network if you are in your home and a wireless connection is available then this app will helps you to check the quality of vulnerabilities of a wireless connection.

This tool is very useful for you if you are in your home and a wireless connection is available and you are the owner of that wireless connection then this app will helps you to test the security of your connection and also check the most attacking technique in your connection.

If your device is rooted then you wear one thing in your mind that is in the case of routing your device is suffering from an attack from another smartphones because at the time of routing the security of the device is disabled so it is very easy to attack on your device so in that case this App will helps you.

Recently Launched Apps

This app required a minimum operating system of Android 4.0 and the installations of this app is very easy you just required the apk file of this app or you can go to a Play Store to download this app if your mobile unknown source is disable then go to the setting and enable the unknown sources after that you can easily download this app.

AndroRat App

The next app is AndroRat App. This is a Spy App and it is works on Android phone if you want to spy on someone’s, you love or your friends then you use this app. This app will records all the the data of your friends, even messages, calls and every single details. This is the best application tool that Allows you to spy on someone others and you can check their data easily.

This app will provide you very much more than you expected you can download this application or we can also say that you can download this hacking application on your smartphone very easily and start controlling on someone’s other mobile phone you can control their mobile phone remotely also.

This is the best hacking application for Android phone you just need to install this app and start targeting other Android phones, this application can gethered all the phone records of the target phone you can also access the call logs, messages and GPS location of the targeted phones you can easily find out the target phone by using the GPS location you can also use the cameras of the targeted phone to click the pictures.

You can also use the microphones of the targeted phone you can also send a text messages, making a phone calls remotely very easily. You can also access the browser of the target phone with your phone and you can do much more with this application.


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DSploit app

This is a wonderful Android network analysis and penetration testing app which offers you a IT security and this is the most complete and advanced tool kit that performs network security on your mobile devices. Once this app is started then you will be able to check your network fingerprint alive and operating system and also many running services this app is also searching for someone abilities and also check some TCP protocol and also perform a man in the middle attack this app is also perform a real-time manipulation and many functions.

This app is also a hacking app which is used to perform a many testing on Android mobiles this app will helps you to test your mobile network security as well as your mobile internal security this app will shows you is your mobile phone is protected or under attack this app helps many people and many peoples download this app and test their network security.

So friends this is all about these 3 recently launched app so I hope you enjoyed this information and this information will help you a lot so guys if you really want to download this app so you go to the Play Store or you go to the Google to download these 3 app if you you any query any doubt related to this information then you can ask me freely aur you can type your doubt or query in the comment section below if you to share this information with your friends family relatives then you are free to share this information friends show some support and we meet again with new information with new idea.

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