How to get diamonds in Free Fire


Free Fire is a video game for mobile devices that has been very successful. It is a battle royal style game , where players are parachuted onto an island where they must survive. To do this, they must find weapons and supplies to endure alive in battle for as long as possible. In turn, they have to get diamonds to improve the skills of the characters.

How to get diamonds in Free Fire

What are the tricks to collect diamonds and advance in the game? We give you the best tips to become one of the best Free Fire players!

How to get diamonds in Free Fire

There are different options to get diamonds in Free Fire. On the one hand, you can achieve the diamonds in the game itself , that is, those that are won during the development of the games. If you want to get diamonds, you can also take advantage of gifts from friends , especially if you play in duos or squads. For example, you can take advantage of when a partner gives away the diamonds that are left over. Another option is the rewards for completing missions , since some of these missions include diamonds.

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On the other hand, you can find diamonds outside of the game itself . To do this, you must go to apps or web pages with which you can win free cards from Google Play or for the APP Store, money for PayPal or PaySafeCard pins in exchange for actions such as downloading other games or answering surveys. Once you obtain them, you will only have to go to the platform and use the card or the prize obtained to buy diamonds for Free Fire.

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What are diamonds for in Free Fire

At this point, you may be wondering what diamonds are for in Free Fire. Are they really that important? In particular, diamonds are a key element to advance in the game and improve the characters. That is, they are the premium currency of Free Fire and are used to buy in the store, activate the elite pass, update characters, unlock skills or spin in Diamonds Royale.

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With diamonds, you can advance faster in the game, so take advantage of the different methods to get them and improve your strategy.

How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire