How to find the Xiaomi Mi Band if it is lost?


The Mi Band is Xiaomi’s activity bracelet that thanks to its technology allows us to keep track of our physical activity. However, it is a very small device, consisting of a beacon and a strap, so it is common to lose it because it detaches from the strap in some activities. That is why we are going to explain to you what ways exist to find the Xiaomi Mi Band.

How to find the Xiaomi Mi Band if it is lost?

How to locate the Xiaomi Mi Band?

The first thing you should know is that there is no way to pinpoint the specific location of the Xiaomi Mi Band, such as a map that shows us where it is. There are, however, a few options for locating it.


The Xiaomi Mi Fit application itself has an option to find the bracelet, although if it is far away it is not very effective. It is about vibrating the Mi Band from the mobile. To do this, the bracelet must be within Bluetooth range, about 5 meters. To do this, within the app, go to the profile, then to “My band”, under “my devices”. The last step is to click on the “locate bracelet” option.

Use the graphs

If your bracelet was synchronized until the last moment, following the information in the latest activity graphs you can get an idea of ​​the area where you lost it. Also, if you have Google locations, this task may be somewhat easier. Although you will not know the exact area where to find the Mi Band, you will know where to start looking.

BLE Scanner

There are some applications to find Bluetooth devices, such as BLE Scanner. This app is literally designed to “help users find lost fitness trackers and other Bluetooth enabled devices.” Through a radar, you can see the Bluetooth devices that are around.

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