How to connect to a Wi-fi network with a QR code?


Smartphone technology makes life much easier for us every day thanks to small actions, or sometimes very large ones. With them, we can have access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world, as long as we have the password to access it. One of the most tedious things, and we are sure that you also think it is to enter the password to connect to Wi-Fi.

How to connect to a Wi-fi network with a QR code?

For security reasons, Internet passwords are usually quite complicated, with special characters, uppercase, lowercase… And it is especially difficult to enter them from mobile devices. That is why we are going to teach you a trick to connect quickly to Wi-Fi. Do not miss it!

Steps to connect to the Internet using a QR

The procedure to connect to the Wifi using a QR is really simple. There are routers that already come with a QR code on the outside, if so, you just have to scan it with a QR reader application, such as Barcode Scanner. Once you scan the code, your device will connect to the network automatically.

What if your router doesn’t come with QR?

Do not worry! There is a solution that will prevent you from having to enter the Wi-Fi password by hand. The idea is to use a QR code generator that allows the option of Wifi, there are several on the Internet. When you find the right one, you must perform the following steps:

  • Select the Wifi option.
  • Indicates the network name (SSID) and password. In addition to the type of encryption, WEP or WPA.
  • Generate the QR and share it or print and paste it somewhere accessible.

And that’s it! In this way, you can connect to the Internet without having to enter the password by hand. Practical, right? 😉

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