How to Build Brand Loyalty With Retail Packaging


Yes, retail packaging is clear to the eye. But, the various levels of multi-use add an extra non-sticky layer of spirituality. Clear retail packaging can: Tell fun, surprising, or informative stories. Make a statement about your brand. Make a sales pitch. Or give customers an option: Choose not to open your product.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to get started with retail packaging that are cost-effective yet custom fit for you. If your business is looking for a way to create a distinctive visual statement, there are many types of displays you can choose from to tell a story, reveal a design, or demonstrate a concept. You can incorporate your brand into the retail packaging to help create a consistent visual identity. If you’re creating a brand, graphic, or concept that helps consumers make a decision, your graphics, and materials need to be able to make that impact as well.

Why Retailers Prefer Display Boxes

Counter Display Boxes and shelves are a great way to tell a story, and are the most prominent features on any store shelf. They tell consumers where to look and why. Shoppers spend more than 90% of their time at a retail location looking for a product, so a shelf or display case is an essential feature for branding. A unique retail packaging technique can highlight your best offers and let potential customers decide whether to check out your goods or not. In addition to telling a story, displaying products in a visually striking manner helps customers visualize their own story about your brand, service, or product.

How to Build Brand Loyalty With Retail Packaging

Retail Branding Strategy

How many times have you seen an attractive display featuring your best products wrapped in colorful cellophane, adorned with ribbons, and nestled between stacks of retail cardboard packaging? Chances are, many consumers haven’t even glanced at all of your products before making their next purchase decision! In fact, studies show that consumers tend to scan items more efficiently when they’re presented in a visually interesting and eye-catching format. Retail packaging designers know this instinctively and use various tricks and graphics to ensure that consumers will read the labels and look at the products. By incorporating social media into your retail branding strategy, you’ll increase the chances that consumers will notice your brand through word-of-mouth, recommendations, videos, and other forms of social media channels.

Retail Packaging for Brand Awareness

The increased customer loyalty that comes with smart retail packaging suppliers will help build your brand. Loyalty may come in the form of repeat sales and referrals. Customer loyalty may also come from the fact that your retail location appears to be frequented by other retailers and is easily accessible from public transportation. Regardless of the reason that customers visit your retail location, smart retail packaging suppliers can help your brand to gain that ever-important customer loyalty.

When it comes to branding your company, one of the most important factors is to make sure that you’re using custom retail packaging for everything that you distribute or sell. Custom retail packaging provides a great way to differentiate your product or service from your competition. By choosing a custom retail packaging supplier who specializes in creating custom displays and display racks, you’ll give yourself an advantage over your competitors. These specialized suppliers know exactly what it takes to create the right retail display images and display configurations for your product or service. A quality custom retail packaging provider will have a team of specialists who specialize in every aspect of retail display, including graphic design, illustration, photography, and more.

Eva/foam Inserts, 3d Printing and Cardboard Boxes

Another great way to build brand recognition is to have your retail packaging materials to display on high-traffic public shelves. While it may not seem likely at first, a good example of how retail packaging can be beneficial to your brand is Target. Target uses its popular signage, printed media, and point-of-purchase displays to not only promote their products and services, but also to showcase their brand. As you may have seen with Target, it’s not always easy to distinguish yourself from thousands of other retail stores that are using similar retail packaging strategies. By customizing your retail packaging to match the appearance and message of your brand, you give your customer a reason to remember you.

As you can see from this overview of retail packaging, there are several benefits to investing in custom display racks for your company. One of those benefits is increased brand loyalty. Whether you use standard shelf signage, 3D-proof cardboard, custom foam inserts, or any of a variety of other retailing strategies, building brand loyalty through retail packaging is one of the best ways to increase profits and maintain customer loyalty.



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