How Does The Covid Radar App Work & How To Install


It is a Covid-19 contagion tracking application, launched by the Government and which is already operational in many places in Spain. This, along with handwashing and the use of a mask, is another tool to stop the pandemic, although this is completely voluntary.

How Does The Covid Radar App Work?

However, many users are still suspicious of an app developed by the Government. Do you respect privacy? What data do you use? Is it made public if you test positive for coronavirus? We dispel all doubts!

How To Use Covid Radar App

In fact, the operation of Covid Radar is simple. We Summarize it for you!

  1. Install the Covid Radar App, either on Android or iOS.
  2. The app detects if a malicious contact has occurred when the user calls for at least 15 minutes piled up all day at a distance of fewer than two meters.
  3. As long as you have not contacted a user who is found to be positive, the app will show that the risk of exposure is low.
  4. If the user, after performing a PCR, agrees, he will receive a random alphanumeric code. That you can include it, voluntarily, in the program.
  5. Users who have been contacted will receive a warning with the following message: “HIGH RISK. You’ve been in contact with someone with covid-19.” The app checks the list of good codes twice a day.
  6. Those users who receive a warning should notify health authorities and remain segregated. In the app, you will find the steps to follow from the first minute.

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