How do I create a shortcut on Mac?


If you are a user who has recently switched to iOS technology, you will surely miss the shortcuts, right? Well, on Mac they also exist, only they are called “aliases”. We tell you how you can create aliases or shortcuts on the Mac. Take note!

How do I create a shortcut on Mac?

Steps to create aliases on Mac

Alias ​​Mac, which can be placed on the desktop, dock, and anywhere else, creates shortcut icons in folders or files found elsewhere. There are two ways to create nicknames on a Mac.

Creating an alias on Mac

  1. Access the folder where the file is stored or the folder in which you want to create the shortcut.
  2. Right-click on the item you want to create a noun.
  3. Select the “Create nicknames” option.

You will see that a shortcut has been created in the original folder, you will identify it because it has a little arrow in the lower-left corner of the icon. What you have to do now is move the alias wherever you want, since it makes no sense to keep it in the same place as the original.

Another more efficient way to create aliases on Mac

This second method to create shortcuts on Mac is faster and more effective, although a priori it may not seem like it. For this you must:

  1. Open the folder of the original object that you want to create an alias for.
  2. Press the Alt + command keys, click on the original icon and drag it to the location of the alias.
  3. And that’s it!

In two simple steps, we will be doing the entire process, creating the alias and placing it where we want.

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