How can you use portrait or bokeh mode in Instagram Stories?


Instagram is currently in the top 3 of social networks, and that is why its developers add new functions and news on a recurring basis. One of the great novelties was the stories, content that disappears after 24 hours. Nowadays they are very popular due to the rise of Instagram filters, but apart from filters, Instagram also offers a series of options to “play” with the camera of our devices, such as portrait or bokeh mode. In reality, bokeh is a blur of the background, which causes emphasis on the object in focus in the foreground.

How can you use portrait or bokeh mode in Instagram Stories?

Use portrait mode on Instagram

It is actually something tremendously easy, just that many times it is difficult to find something specific within all the options that Instagram offers today. What you have to do is access Instagram and enter the mode to create a story by pressing the camera icon in the upper left corner.

With the camera open you must select the model you want below, in this case, you must search for “focus”, which is Instagram’s portrait mode. In the event that the option does not appear, it will be because your phone is not compatible with it, so you must use third-party applications to achieve it. If it is compatible you will see that a text appears in the center of the screen that says to look for a face. When you take a picture you will see that in seconds Instagram will blur the background.

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