Guide to subscribe to YouTube Premium in a simple way

YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, and YouTube Music are now available in Spain. Here are two Google paid services for YouTube. For a very cheap price, it is possible to subscribe to these platforms and enjoy multiple benefits.
YouTube Premium allows the possibility of watching videos without interruptions, with playback in the background, accessing original content (series and movies), and enjoying YouTube Music, millions of songs without advertising, and with the possibility of listening to them offline. In addition to subscriptions to other applications such as YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, and Google Play Music.

This is not the first time that we have talked to you about YouTube Premium, as we have already mentioned the advantages of using this video and music service, as well as the different rates available. Therefore, today we bring you the definitive guide to subscribe to YouTube Premium in a simple way.

Guide to subscribe to YouTube Premium in a simple way

Steps to subscribe to YouTube Premium

The first thing you have to do to subscribe is to sign up for YouTube Premium. The platform has set up an official page for subscribing to either of these two services where relevant information can also be found.

After this, you have to choose the YouTube plan that best suits you according to your needs and interests. Premium has two types of fees. On the one hand, the basic rate for ₹1041.26/month, and a family rate for ₹1562.32/month.

Family Plan

With the family plan, you can share a paid YouTube subscription with up to five members of your family, over 12 years old and living at the same address.

If you are the account holder or family manager, you can create a Google family group and invite members to share your YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, or YouTube TV subscriptions.

If, on the other hand, you are a member of a family, you can use your Google account to access the platform’s paid subscription. Each account has its own viewing and listening preferences. This means that you will see your library, your subscriptions, and your personal recommendations.

YouTube Premium trial period

If you are subscribing to YouTube Premium, YouTube Music or Google Play Music for the first time , you can enjoy a free trial period of one month. After this period of time, if you do not cancel the subscription during this trial phase, you will be automatically charged the specific fee.

When is YouTube Premium charged?

As soon as the platform charges you and collects the first charge, they will continue to do so every month from the first billing date and until you cancel the subscription.

You can cancel the subscription at any time and from the Paid Subscriptions page. Your account will be free again. You can re-subscribe to Premium whenever you want.

It’s that simple to subscribe to Premium. What do you think of these YouTube paid services? Are you interested in any? Do you have any hired?

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