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Tired of editing your content and still coming out with flaws in your writing?

You came across a useful article here.

Writing content requires lots of emphasis on style, spelling, plagiarism, tone, and much more.

And If you are not lucky enough to hire an editor or proofreader for your writing content, you require a best friend to do that for you.

But there is great news for you!

If you still haven’t come across the Grammarly app then rejoice at once.

All your stress of writing a perfect article is going to disappear.

Grammarly is the best tool when it comes to assisting writers.

It comes with all the necessary tools like spelling checkers, word suggestions, style checkers, plagiarism checks, readability scores, and many more such features that are required to write high-quality articles.

You came across a useful article here.

Writing content requires lots of emphasis on style, spelling, plagiarism, tone, and much more.

And If you are not lucky enough to hire an editor or proofreader for your writing content, you require a best friend to do that for you.

But there is great news for you!

If you still haven’t come across the Grammarly app then rejoice at once.

All your stress of writing a perfect article is going to disappear.

Grammarly is the best tool when it comes to assisting writers.

It comes with all the necessary tools like a spelling checker, word suggestions, style checker, plagiarism checks, readability score, and many more such features that are required to write high-quality articles.

Grammarly has + 10 million downloads on Google Play Store alone till now. And with a rating of 4.1, it can be fully trusted for its features.

I have started using Grammarly recently and it does all the good work for me.

From finding spelling mistakes to suggesting better synonyms and keeping punctuations and spaces in order.

Grammarly has all the useful tools 🔨  one may need to take their writing to next level.

The best thing that I like about Grammarly is that it has an amazing ability to deliver fresh words to match your content.

Grammarly uses advanced AI to detect words and analyze them.

Suggestions it gives are on point and real-time.

Even while writing this article I made many mistakes that this tool corrects in real-time as I write.

Its word suggestions help you make your article look fresh. Eliminates the overuse of words.

For example :

In the above paragraph,

I wrote “remove the overuse of words” but Grammarly suggested, “Eliminate the overuse of words”.

And then I misspelled the word “paragraph” that it corrected automatically.

These features are very handy when you have to write enormous content and cannot afford any external editing or proofreading.

Advantages of Grammarly

  • Automatic spelling correction
  • Numerous real-time synonyms
  • Avoid overuse of words
  • Fresh looking content
  • All the grammatical errors such as punctuation, a hyphen, and space between the words.
  • Corrects subtle mistakes and improves readability score.

There are many good features that this app offers.

Most of them are available on the free version and some require a premium upgrade.

The free version does a great job in itself. If you’re a high-end professional writer then only a premium app is worth having.

We will discuss this later in the article. Along with these advantages, Grammarly contributes to the enhancement of the writing style by identifying and correcting contextual mistakes.

  • Grammarly can find 10 times more corrections than your word processor.
  • It enhances the vocabulary in the context of the write-up you have written.
  • Finds almost 250 types of errors.
  • It inspects plagiarism with 8 billion other web pages on the Internet.
  • Boosts readability and writing style.
  • Never forces the corrections it suggests. But you will yourself change most of them anyway.
  • Delivers online proofreading for premium users.
  • Time saver. As it does all the editing and proofreading work by itself.

How many tools does Grammarly support?

Grammarly works with all the apps and tools available on Android as well as iPhone.

All the apps that Grammarly supports :

  • Google Chrome
  • MS Word
  • Google docs
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook

All the other apps that you can find on your mobile and PC stores.

How to install Grammarly on Chrome?

Install the app on your device.

It should work with all the apps.

But, In some devices, there may be external permission required. Just go to the setting and tick on the permission column.

Free version vs Premium version

Features of free version

  • Only one user per account.
  • Check to spell.
  • Check grammatical mistakes.
  • Discards unnecessary commas and words.
  • Suggest synonyms.
  • Encrypts documents with 256-bit AES & SSL/TES.
  • Works with all the other apps like Gdocs, Word document, Chrome, etc.

It supports American as well as British English


These are all the useful features that one can avail of for free with Grammarly.

Mostly what I have learned from my experience and other writers as well, they use the free version of this tool.

It does all the basic work for a writer without the paid version.

Features of Premium Version

  • Advance writing style suggestion.
  • Sentence structure modification.
  • Checks the tone
  • Checks the Formality of the writeup.
  • Has a Plagiarism tool to check the authenticity of your writeup.
  • Availability of Human proofreading.
  • Suggest citations.
  • Checks fluency.
  • Readability score.
  • Sentence alternatives.
  • Inclusiveness of the language.

The Premium version of this offers 400 types of checks and improvements.

To make your writing top-notch this premium app has everything a writer requires.

grammarly Premium Version

Advantages of Premium version over Free version

●     Readability scoring

If you are a professional writer, you know how important the readability score of the writeup is.

All the search engines including Google rank articles based on readability score.

Grammarly provides you an in-built readability checker to save yourself from hassling over it on the internet.

Instead of searching for a readability checker online, you can check the readability of your article in real-time. Saves time as well as help in writing a reader-friendly article.

●     Explanation of Grammar rules

An amazing feature of using Grammarly premium is that it explains to its users the mistakes they make while writing their article.

If you are not a native English speaker then it will help you a lot in improving your Grammar while writing. It will improve your ability to write error-free articles leading to fewer mistakes.

●     Tone Detector

Grammarly offers you a tone checker to help you write a perfect article as per your requirement.

Whether you want to write joyful, formal, informal, optimistic, or any kind of article. Grammarly will advise you on the same and will enable you to write exactly the same.

●     Built-in Plagiarism Checker

This is one of the most useful feature for professional writers.

Plagiarism is a big nono for professional writers. And while writing long content, one may want to check its genuineness and authenticity.

For professional writers, it is particularly useful as it helps to protect the content from getting copied. When you work with other writers you need to save your content from the unrequired replica.

Why it serves more than just a writing tool?

  • Grammarly gives you security in terms of editing and proofreading.

With its advanced AI tool to check the context of the writeup, it offers incredible support to writers who want to look professional and provide top-notch work.

  • Time Management

Grammarly saves time like no other app. With all its inbuilt features and ability to create suggestions and corrections in real-time. It offers an impeccable service when it comes to saving time thus letting you do more work in less time.

  • Grammar knowledge

With its detailed explanation of the mistakes that you can make while writing, you can learn grammar faster than anything else. The more you write on Grammarly, the more you become better with the language.

Price of the Premium tool

The price for the Grammarly Premium tool is:

$11.66 /month annually ($139.95 in total).

$29.95 if monthly payments.

In addition to this Grammarly also offers a business plan ( $15/month ) that provides services like admin panel, statistics, etc

Now, you must be wondering, is it worth spending this many dollars for proofreading and editing.

I will answer this question in a while.

Remember whatever you get with the free version you get with the premium version plus a lot more.

Grammarly itself claims that the premium tool offers more than just grammar mistakes and its improvement.

It helps you write engaging content with a clear message.

But what is stunning about this app is that it acts as a human feedback provider.

To use this feature at its best. Change the setting as per your requirement.

  • Intent (inform, describe, convince, tell a story)

The intention of the write-up is useful when it comes to reader friendliness.

What type of intention is there behind the writing should be clear and precise. 

  • Audience (general or expert)

Readers are important because for them it is the write-up.

Knowing what kind of audience you have whether technical or general can be helpful. Writing too much technical stuff for a general audience will decrease the value you want to provide.

  • Style (formal or informal)

Knowing when to write a formal or informal language is crucial if you are a professional. It will determine your credibility in front of your client and readers.

This feedback is vital as it makes you look more convincing for your clients.

  • Emotion (mild or strong)

What kind of feelings you want to share with your readers. It helps to convey your message more appropriately to the readers.

  • Domain (academic, business, or technical).

This is another important criterion. For what domain you write determine what type of words you use to make it sound more genuine.

Now should you choose the Free version or paid version?

Depends on your use of it.

If you are a high-end professional writer who wants to create the best quality content t without any kind of even undetectable mistakes you should buy the premium version.

Otherwise, for writing daily content or even as a professional writer you can choose to work on the free version.

In fact, most of the writers use the free version. Except for some high-end writers, who are on higher pay levels.

How Grammarly is better than most of its competitors?

Various other tools offer similar services like Grammarly eg: Ginger, Prowriting Aid, and Whitesmoke.

Grammarly has a better user interface than its competitors.

Although some of its competition provides additional features Grammarly fares better when it comes to overall competency.

Grammarly is easier to use and elegant as compared to its rivals.

Services that it provides even on its free version are completely stunning as compared to anything else in the writing industry.

Grammarly is a big company with various resources so its services are automatically far better than all the others.

Different ways to use Grammarly

  • Grammarly web tool

Copy and paste your writeup directly into the web tool to check the errors.

You can also upload your document into the web tool and within seconds, it analyses and corrects all your errors.

  • Desktop app

You can download the app to your desktop and use it to review your content when online.

  • Browser extension

Simply add the extension to your browser and enjoy the hassle-free-write g on all your sites and blogs.

  • Microsoft word

You can use Grammarly directly within your Microsoft word as an add-on.

Start writing and let the keyboard do the magic in the background.

  • Mobile phone

Download the Grammarly app on your phone and use it as a default keyboard.

Whatever you thoe will be analyzed and checked for errors and mistakes.

I am personally using it since last week and my mobile has never typed so eloquently before.

Cons of using Grammarly

After learning all the benefits of Grammarly I have only one disadvantage to share :

The only disadvantage of using Grammarly is that if you want to use a premium app it is a little expensive than other writing tools.

Although it also has better functions than them.

And if you cannot afford to have a premium version then certainly go for the free version.

It is better than all the free applications out there.

Unlike other tools, which provide only moderate service on a free app, Grammarly offers sufficient service even without any charge.

Best writing tool available

For me, Grammarly is the best writing tool even in its unpaid version.



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