Do We Really Need Folding Smartphones


Xiaomi has unveiled, in a video posted on Lin Bin’s Weibo account, the prototype of a folding smartphone. This news is causing quite a stir among the geeks of the mobile and fans of Chinese brand. But do we really need folding smartphones?

Xiaomi Foldable Phone

Xiaomi Foldable Phone Features

If we analyze the video of the folding mobile that many call Xiaomi Mix Flex  (although not officially), we can see a terminal with a really large screen. We see the terminal, with Android operating system, which works completely normal and has a slight curvature on the screen. Near the end of the video, the president of Xiaomi turns the device and folds the two ends to make its screen much smaller. The edges of the device stay bent just like Samsung’s “Edge”. A tablet that becomes smartphone ! The publication of this video states that ” Xiaomi’s folding mobile is on the way ”

With this video, the company seeks to know the opinion of the followers to contemplate the viability of the prototype and mass produce it. To which we ask ourselves, do we need a folding phone? We admit that it is amazing, especially for technology fans who dream of Blade Runner or Minority Report futures, but what are the advantages of folding mobiles?

Advantages of folding or flexible smartphones

To try to find out if folding smartphones can add something significant to our lives or is it a mere technological fad, we are going to analyze their possible advantages.


As we have already said, flexible phones look very good. They are really attractive devices, with rounded edges and that make us want them at a glance.


The fact of being able to fold the screen of the smartphone means that we have a screen adapted to different formats. It could be very useful and practical both for watching movies and for routine tasks with the phone. This means that the multimedia experience would be enriched.


One of the main advantages that we see in folding phones is the possibility of having a multifunction phone, which has the best of a smartphone and a tablet. In this way it would surpass the so-called phablets , although for this its technology should be superior to that of a smartphone to be able to perform the multitasking function and the price would be much higher.


It is rumored that the screens of folding smartphones would be made of plastic or a similar material to be able to fold. This means that the screens would be lighter and more resistant. In addition, if they suffer damage, the replacement cost would be lower.

So is the world ready for flip phones? The truth is that we, at the moment, do not believe that it is a device that can mark a before and after in our lives. We understand that it is causing a lot of  hype due to its novel features, but really the user experience could be the same as that of a high-end phone. In any case, we will have to wait until the arrival of folding telephones to be able to express our opinion in a clearer way.

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