Beginner’s Guide to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


We are facing a revolution in the world of video games thanks to a new genre that is causing several titles to break all participation and sales records of all time. We are talking about the “ Battle Royale Pubg ” genre or what is the same: the last one standing, wins the game.

PUBG Player

For those who have never tried a title of this nature, this new style can be a bit overwhelming, and it may open many unknowns about the best methods to get off to a good start. On the other hand, those who have tried other games of the same style, such as Fortnite , Just Survive, Rules of Survival, H1Z1: King of the Hill or the new Apex Legends , will have a very smooth learning curve in PUBG , fortunately.

How to get started in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds?

Both for those novice users in the world of video games who have been tempted to start in this game and for those who already have experience in video games, especially in first-person shooter games (First-Person Shooters ), we are going to analyze a series of elements that are important to consider in the first instance. We will talk about techniques applicable to any game in the Battle Royale genre, but which will be especially useful in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

An immense pitch: first jumps

Most of these games start with a flying machine (a plane in PUBG) from which we must jump to go to an area of ​​the map. It is important not to get overwhelmed with learning the map itself, since it may take months and we may never even get to know it accurately.

Generally, the most important points are usually marked on the map in the form of cities or special areas, such as military bases, mines, bunkers, etc…

In the first parachute jumps, the ideal is to go to a place very far from small houses, marked on the map with tiny yellow squares. The goal is to get used to the controls, and to the dynamics of collecting equipment. One of the key factors is the collection speed in PUBG since if we end up in a place with several enemies, the best equipped in the shortest time will have the best chances of survival.

Although a priori we can feel very alone on the map, in the first jumps we must forget about killing and focus on collecting and learning: we may only collect equipment, and when we find someone, they kill us immediately but this should not frustrate us . The important thing is to know how to combat elements usually appear on the ground, and how we should equip them quickly.

Second jumps: getting to know the strategic sites

Once we know how to collect weapons, accessories, ammunition, protection, etc., and we understand what each thing is for, the second step is to learn the main areas in PUBG , that is, the largest cities and special areas marked on the map. Ideally, during several games, we focus on addressing them several times in a row. It is advisable to do 5 or 6 jumps per city and try each jump to explore the area completely.

Over time we will realize that there are sites that we like more than others for various reasons: the way the objects appear, the average quality of the objects, etc … In addition, each area in PUBG adapts to a style of play. It is not the same to jump into a military base with dozens of enemies, where the combat action is experienced from the first moment than to jump into a big city where it is possible that we will not find anyone during 15 minutes of departure. The objective is to find 3 or 4 areas of our preference on the map.

Next jumps and the goal of winning games

Once we know where to jump in PUBG and what equipment to collect, the next step is to understand the dynamics of the game. There are dozens of strategies that could help us achieve a victory and they give for a complete article, but we are going to highlight some interesting ones:

  • The relief of the map plays in our favor: it is important to scan the area to know if we are constantly covered, especially our back.
  • There are better weapons than others for different distances: you have to spend some time checking how each weapon works in PUBG and being able to decide wisely when the choice is presented to us.
  • Calm is essential: as we get to the top 10, we will realize that our pulsations are triggered and this will not help our aim. That’s why it is advisable at that point to take a deep breath and not focus too much on winning the game, but on enjoying until the end.

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