6 Netflix Series to Spend a Scary Halloween


On Halloween nights you have two options: go out with your deadliest finery or take the opportunity to stay home and do a Netflix&Scream session. And it is that the most famous streaming platform has in its catalog some of the most popular horror series of recent times. So if you are one of those who like to have a little hard time in front of the screen, there is no better day to do a terrifying marathon.

6 Netflix Series to Spend a Scary Halloween

The most popular Netflix horror series

After the success of The Curse of Hillhouse, Netflix’s horror series have become popular, proof of this is that the platform has continued to bet on this genre in its catalog


Recommended by Stephen King himself, it is a fiction that tells the story of a novelist who begins to live how her horror stories come true. She will have to return to her hometown to face all her fears. Despite the fact that many compare her with The Curse of Hillhouse, the truth is that they have very different styles, Marianne has a comic point at times that she does not finish convincing many. You better judge for yourself!

The Hillhouse Curse

One of the most acclaimed Netflix horror series. Without a doubt, it was a real discovery for us. A series of psychological terror that will not leave you indifferent. In addition, if you are a movie buff you will notice that it is made with exquisite taste, you will enjoy its impossible sequence shots and the use of suspense in the purest Hitchcock style.

American Horror Story

A classic! If you haven’t seen anything from American Horror Story, this is a perfect series to watch on Halloween. It currently has 9 seasons, each one treated as an independent miniseries and focused on a different theme and environment. Haunted houses, asylums, witches, circuses of horrors, blood moons, cults, holocausts… AHS has it all!

Hemlock Grove

Based on a novel of the same name by Brian MacGreevy, it premiered in 2013 and has 12 episodes. Set in Pennsylvania, after the closure of a steel plant in the city, the Godfrey Institute of Biomedical Technologies is rumored to be conducting sinister experiments.


Released in 2016, this horror series uses the one-season anthology format, making it the ideal series for a Halloween night. The creator of the series himself acknowledged that he was inspired by American Horror Story for the format. This series mixes the creator’s favorite genres: contemporary murder mysteries, the works of Agatha Christie, and classic slasher films.


They say the worst monsters are the real ones. Produced by David Fincher (Zodiac, Seven or Fight Club), it tells the story of two FBI agents, at the end of the 70s, who meet with imprisoned murderers and rapists to analyze the psychological profile of the criminals.